Katiana Giacona Art- The Expression of Life:

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Growing up around my Dad, Salvatore Giacona -
a master painter, I’ve learned to let my immagination go wild, free with colors! Ever since I can remember, drawing has come naturally to me and I find it theraputic no matter what it
is I’m channeling.

I draw just about ANYTHING that tickles my fancy. Many of my works are inspired by the natural world and are expressions of the feminine apect of life. My ways of going about drawing require: visualizing the inspiration and confidently entertaining ideas, having a pleasant space to work in usually listening to music, and gathering my tools.

All artists go about creating in different ways, but we all share the tingling sensation of inspiration that sparks the creative flow within ourselves. It is our responsibility as human beings to express our interpretations of life as we are destined to fulfill this endless cycle of creation. Expression is a mode of purging, of freeing ourselves of all that we take in from life and in doing so, we allow ourselves room for new experiences and growth.

What a perfect place to reside here on Earth where the inspiration is as abundant and countless as sand grains! Being surrounded by art and nature from a young age and having my dad creating around me has allowed me to follow my passion and continue feeding this hungry fire of Creation.

Gallery Blues
Have you ever entered an art gallery baffled by the material on the walls, wondering if it is even art at all? In this modern day of hype and jive, the true qualities of good art are sadly not recognized as much as the "concept" or “Idea” behind the art works.

The true meaning of “good” art displays three qualities: genuine effort, talent and a unique sense of creative composition. Every one of us is an artist, but few of us master our art. Those who do should be given the respect they deserve for their dedication & hard work.